School Uniform




Standard Uniform

Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan with or without logo

White polo shirt with or without logo

Grey trousers or skirt/pinafore. 

Grey socks or tights

Black shoes with no colour or branding visible. No trainers.

Indoor PE Kit

White t-shirt with school logo or plain white T-Shirt

Black shorts

Black pumps

Outdoor PE Kit

White t-shirt with school logo or plain white T-Shirt

Black jogging bottoms


Children with long hair should have their hair tied up when doing PE. Earrings should not be worn for PE.

Jewellery and other adornment

The only items that are considered appropriate for school are watches and one pair of plain studs or plain sleepers worn in the ears.

Children should be able to remove all jewellery including earrings for PE and Games or they should not wear them on the day of their PE lessons.  Please note that staff are not allowed to remove or look after jewellery for children.

If children are to have their ears pierced, this should happen at the start of the summer holiday to allow the healing period of 6 weeks, in order that earrings can then be removed.


No extreme hairstyles and /or colouring is permitted.

The academy does not approve the wearing of make up or other jewellery except for cultural reasons and then only if approved by the Principal.


Branded Uniform can be purchased from the following shop: Click on this web address to go to their page: 

82 Wellington Street
Burton upon Trent
Staffordshire, DE14 2DS
United Kingdom 01283 619224


My Uniform Ltd


Children are welcome to wear school uniform without logos from any high street shop or supermarket. We hold a range of pre-loved uniform in school available at no charge.