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The School Day

From 8:25am, parents and children can wait on the playground if entering from Rowton Street or The Early Years area or near the main office if entering from Horninglow Road. 

Doors open from 8:30am to allow children to store their belongings and enjoy a bagel breakfast.


School starts promptly at 8:45am. 

Nursery School Times
Morning Session

9:00-12:00   (Morning Session)

9:00-15:00   (All day places - 30hrs funding)

Lunchtime 11:50-12:20
Afternoon Session 12:20-3:00
Reception School Times
School Timings 8:45-15:00
Break please note that pupils have a morning snack
Lunchtime 12:15-13:15
Afternoon 14:00-15:00
KS1 School Times
School Timings 8:45-15:15
Bagel Breakfast 8:30-8:45
Lunchtime 12:15-13:15
Afternoon 13:15-15:15
KS2 School Times
School Timings 8:45-15:15
Bagel Breakfast 8:40-8:55
Lunchtime 12:15-13:15
Afternoon Session 13:15-15:20

Children should be escorted to school by a responsible adult. 

N.B. If your child arrives later than 8.40am, the doors will be closed. Pupils must be escorted into school office after this time. Please use the entrance from the car park.If your child arrives after the register has closed they will receive a 'Late' mark, which will affect their overall attendance percentage. 

If children need to leave school during the day for medical or dental appointments, parents are requested to sign them out and back in again on their return. These measures are essential in case of evacuation of the building because of fire etc.

If you are unable to collect your child from school at the end of the day and you wish your child to go home with someone else you MUST let school know, a message in the morning or a phone call.